The Only ‘True’ Heavy Duty Rail Crossing

The Concept Rail patented design separates vehicle loads from track loads with a unique patented sub-structure. The heavy duty design has been engineered using Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

  • The track is rated for 45t train axle loads.
  • The crossing has been rated for 789D mining trucks and Quad combination trucks at maximum operating speed.
  • The level crossing can be adjusted to suit the rail height of the track after maintenance tamping.
  • The level crossing can be relocated and reused as required.
  • The track design is that of an ‘undisturbed through type’ retaining the same harmonic track modulus. No transitions required.
  • This system has an internal drainage gutter able to divert water to the external civil drainage.
  • The level crossing module design protects the formation and keeps it dry.
  • Reduced track windows for installation. The modular design allows sleepers and ballast to be preinstalled prior to closing track.
  • Modules can be quickly and efficiently lifted into position. Reduced train stoppages equals increased productivity.
  • Cheaper and simpler option to transverse heavy traffic over the railway than an overpass.
  • Robust engineering and build quality.


CRS Heavy Duty Level Crossing Modular System